There are many ways in which to help... 

We are a new facility sponsored by Hospital Veternario Cavallini, built entirely on private donations from individuals, local companies, and the generous efforts of Dr. Cavallini and Dr. Leti with the care of these dogs. 

We are trying to pay off some

outstanding bills over due from the initial construction. We are trying to make this our main priority right now. 

Most of the funds have to go to  medicines and treatment upon the dog's arrival. Each is assessed, tested and treated, vaccinated and neutered when healthy. Then housed at the adoption center until you take one home. It costs about 2500 colones each day per dog for food and care.

There are many needs and thus many ways in which you can help us, aside from the monetary gifts.

A donation of time, an hour a week to interact with dogs and take for a short or long walk amongst the trees, river and the ever present howler monkeys. 

Also important are donations of towels and blankets,  pet carriers or similar  that you may not need any longer for making houses for each dog, training treats, and enrichment items for socialization and play. These great dogs may be with us for a long time before they find their forever home.

Donation by considering becoming a foster parent, even for the short term helps let these dogs learn that not all humans are to be feared. They just want love and attention. Every dog here is special.

Sharing our mission with everyone you know. Since we are such a tiny and seasonal community we need you to spread the word.

​EVERY PENNY and every effort makes