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Halfway Home

Halfway Home is a grassroots organization whose efforts are to contain the dog population in and around Tamarindo, Costa Rica. There were so many homeless and abused dogs people had brought in to the clinic that overcrowding grew to crisis levels, and something had to change. Halfway Home Tamarindo was born out of the idea of Dr. Gilbreth Cavallini to shelter these unwanted dogs at The Dogs Hotel until forever homes could be found. The Dog's Hotel had to be expanded and secured in order to have room for the adoptees.

Each dog at Halfway Home has been treated at the clinic neutered/spayed, vaccinated by Hospital Veternario Cavallini.

 We need to find forever homes for these special deserved dogs in our small community. Veternario Cavallini has enlisted the help of concerned citizens and clients in creating a safe place to house and care for these wonderful dogs until forever homes can be found.

We are 100% volunteer based and rely on the community for support and help managing the facility. We need your help. We are a tiny community with big hearts.

We are at capacity with 12 young adult dogs and eight puppies.

Your donations help with treatment, medications, food, and spaying/neutering. Enrichment items including dog houses, carriers, toys, blankets and towels, and dog beds are critical to the health and well being of these wonderful dogs. They are housed in kennels with a roof, but dog houses and portable kennels are crucial to the feeling of a safe and quiet place for  the animal within the kennel. Currently we have only three for the 12 dogs we currently have. We can alter any portable carriers into homes if you have one you no longer need. The houses provide safety away from the elements.

Most of all they need YOU!! They need love and compassion. Something they have never experienced in their lives.

If you can spare an hour a week with these animals the lasting impact is measurable as the dogs become used to leash walking, socializing with other dogs, and learning to play. 

Come for a visit to see these amazing animals and learn about the long journey some of these dogs have lived.

Warning, graphic video with happy ending. This is a typical case history of many of our dogs


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Hi. My name is Canela. 

I've been abandoned and rescued. I am a very sweet and gentle girl. I would make a wonderful family pet for you and your family.  I was just adopted on July 2, 2019 to a local family. 


Hi. My name is Pate. I was abandoned living on the street before being rescued. I am ready for that special someone. I was rescued and in poor health. Today I am a healthy, young, and active neutered male looking for someone to love and care for me.

We have several young adult dogs waiting for their forever homes. Background history is provided when known. 

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Hospital Veternario Cavallini 

122 cats and dogs were spayed/neutered at the most recent low cost clinic held on June 23, 2019. This is an astounding number of pets serviced in a single day. This effort certainly helps curb the overpopulation of unwanted animals.

Please check back here, call the clinic, or check the FB page for future events.