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Because we are 100% non-profit, and built with private funds through local organizations and individuals, donations will help us continue our mission. Current funding has been by those deeply committed to the care and treatment of our dog population overload. We couldn't have gotten this far without these donations.

But we have further to go in order to reach as many neglected and abandoned dogs as we can. Our efforts are tireless, but funding has made further progress limited.

The dogs in our care have all been abandoned, abused, and left to fend for themselves. Many have been tethered to chains with little food and no care. Many have diseases that can be controlled and eliminated with medicines. Currently, Hospital Veternario Cavallini is sponsoring all the exams and treatment. All dogs at the facility are healthy.

Construction has been a large expense to ensure all dogs have a safe and clean environment. The land has been generously donated by the Cavallini family, thus ensuring we will remain in the same location and continue improvements which enhance the experience. Sharing the property are many species of birds and monkeys. There are two full-time caretakers who live on the property and ensure the safety and maintenance of all the animals on the finca. The property is lush with trees and orchards that lie along a river in the area between Tamarindo and Playa Grande.


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If you are interested in making a difference in a dog's life with donated goods, donations, adoptions, or even fostering a pup for awhile, PLEASE let us know by filling in the box to the right. OR just call us, we will pick up any items. Phone: 2653-9009


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