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Pet lovers we need you

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

This idea was proposed to me from Dr. Gilbreth Cavallini. I had rescued a few dogs and brought them to him because of the great work he does with not only domestic pets in need, but amount of time and energy he put into helping injured wildlife when called. Wildlife conservation is a passion of mine, but when he asked if I wanted to be involved in this domestic pet venture, I was all in.

It's been a difficult process, often frustrating and sad, but I hung in there. Now, I am seeing the vision of Dr. Cavallini come to life. His passion was contagious.

The first set of puppies I brought to him were within days of dying. With his help, we were able to successfully "fix" them. I posted the first two on my FB page, and was elated when they were adopted.

I found another adult dog roaming around the vehicle repair shop. I noticed he was not healthy, but such a sweet dog. Dr. Cavallini helped him regain his health and I convinced the owners of the repair shop to keep him and I would continue to maintain his health.

Dr. Cavallini saw my passion for the helpless and asked me to join his effort and dream. The clinic was being overrun with sick, abandoned, and abused dogs. This new facility is part Dog Hotel and part adoption facility. He was able to extend the kennels to include the dogs who needed help and free his clinic of so many dogs and cats.

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